Joni Agung

Besides dangdut, reggae music is very popular in Indonesia. It is matched well with the local people who like being together with friends, relaxed, easy lyrics and the beat is fun to dance to. This music emphasizes the importance of Jamaican and island culture, which carries the message of ‘one love’, togetherness and peace.

Joni Agung is the biggest reggae musician in Bali. The vocalist, with dreadlocked hair almost 1.5 meters in length, and Double T are working with Pregina production, Sanur. He has recently released his seventh album entitled “Semara Ratih”. This album is dedicated as a reflection of his journey spanning 17 years of music. The theme of the songs as outlined in the lyrics are socio-cultural issues and contemporary romance. Joni delivers messages in lyrics that are simple and easy to digest but may carry deep and broad meanings for the listeners.

In his musical career, Joni Agung and his band are often invited to participate in national music festivals and events such as Soundrenaline and Synchronize Fest. They often perform outside of Bali as well.

Apart from singing, Joni Agung serves the Sanur community by leading Yoga Asana for free every morning at Pantai Karang. He started the gathering years ago,sharing his yoga methods and his goal in sharing health with others. It didn’t take long for this yoga group to grow and now it has reached nearly a thousand members. Joni says yoga is in everything we do, not just the actual practice of yoga. All of our movements, our breathing, our thoughts, are all part of our own yoga.

During the pandemic in 2021 Joni Agung formed an NGO called “Yayasan Temanmu Peduli Bangsa”. It is a foundation that focuses on food sustainability, social and human resource development, spiritual awareness, and the environment. Not only that, the pandemic has led him to become a traditional Balinese mask dancer. It is a solo performance as part of a religious Balinese Hindu ritual. Performing art for Joni is a means of worshipping his Gods and beliefs; giving back to the community is a part of his soul.

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