Kina Dedication To A Life Of Surfing

His father moved from Nusa Lembongan to Bali on a traditional boat called a jukung, decided to live in Sanur on the beach and married a Balinese woman.

His father moved from Nusa Lembongan to Bali on a traditional boat called a jukung, decided to live in Sanur on the beach and married a Balinese woman. Little Kina was born in Sanur, the youngest of four siblings. Living on the beach, young Kina loved watching locals and tourists surfing, and became very curious about the sport. He picked up a broken surfboard left behind by a tourist, fixed it back together and started to teach himself how to paddle.

Surfing was new in Bali back then in the 70’s and Kina’s father wanted Kina to stop surfing and as he was worried about his formal education. He took his jukung (traditional boat) out to the sea chasing Kina, dragging him back to the shore, and pushed him into school. As any parent knows, getting kids to stop playing and start studying can be a battle!

For Kina, surfing was his school. He developed surfing skills such as paddling, standing on a board, and trusting himself in the ocean. Pounding waves, rib-cracking crashes, and strong currents didn’t discourage him. For Kina, conquering the big waves was an achievement. Surfing is an art, combining a love of sport and enjoying nature, in which there is an element of competition. Surfing is a lifestyle, it has its own media, trends and a community. In surfing, Kina found a connection with the ocean, which taught him everything about life. Surfing is about balance, as balance is all we need in leading a happy life, Kina says.

When he was not surfing, Kina learnt Japanese. He moved from one course to another to get to the level he desired and for those efforts, motivation and enthusiasm, not surprisingly, he received a sponsorship to continue his study in Japan. He lived in Japan for six years before deciding to come back to Bali to do what he truly loves doing. Surfing!

Kina started his debut with Aloha sponsorship. Being a sponsored surfer means being an ambassador while commercially promoting the company he represents. Becoming a sponsored surfer is a hard-fought battle. Bali has so many talented and aspiring surfers that may perform better, so the road was tough. The good part of being a surfing ambassador is travelling to Japan so often. During one of many trips to Japan, he met Ayako, fell in love and the couple got married in 1996.

Knowing that surfing was becoming one of the main activities in Bali, Kina started his surfing school called

Every surfer wants to improve their skills, and that’s how Kina sees surfing classes as adding value to a surfer. Every surfer has Bali in their travel plans, the beginner who wants to try the rising tide, and the skilled surfer who wants to try one of the legendary waves at Bali’s many beaches.

Surfing is an adventure, it is a lifestyle of simplicity, living in the moment and appreciating the nature. If you want to become a surfer, then there is no doubt that you are choosing a life of dedication to the sport and mother nature.

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